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Volunteer Banquet 2019

Another Annual Volunteer Banquet has come and gone. We have volunteers in our facility daily, morning-noon-night, weekends, & holidays. They play board games, cards, bowling or bingo, help exercise, take us on strolls in our wheelchairs or walks, paint our nails, read us the news, chat with us about their families and ours, sit and watch movies with us, bake cupcakes, sing us songs, play the piano, guitar, harmonica, drums & even homemade instruments. They provide us church services and bible study. Some even come in groups to educate us on amazing things we may have never seen. They are here to hug us, hold our hand, wipe our tears, and laugh with us. They are here to listen when we call them daughter, or grandson with an understanding smile and reply yes at the memories. They are male, female, children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens.

They are children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles… but not ours, and they are here by choice on their own time for us. When we need them the most or when we aren’t even sure we need them, they are here. This year we awarded Diana Johnson with the 2017 Individual Volunteer of the Year Award. Diana comes in several times throughout the week and helps out with bingo, the bingo store church service, singing, or just to visit. She has been such a blessing to us here, we can’t thank her enough for all her time. The Bear Branch Ladies was awarded our 2017 Group Volunteer of the Year. Every other month they come in and perform devotions, readings, skits, music, riddles, and jokes, We are grateful to have them share their time with us. We enjoy all the laughs and great entertainment they bring.

For 2017 we sent out around 100 invitations to groups & individuals, and we had over 70 individuals in attendance. Jackie Lee Karaoke was our entertainment this year, as well as a delicious fried chicken dinner. Nothing can fully express our gratitude for these individuals, we hope everyone had a great time!

For 2019, We had over 87 amazing guests show up for the banquet. The Grace Baptist Church was awarded Volunteer Group of the Year, Rachel Horseman won Volunteer of the Year, and Louise Rohrig received The Johanne Graham Perseverance Award. The Golden Eagles entertained us while we enjoyed a delicious fried chicken dinner (by Brain Maynard) with all of the sides provided by dietary. Nothing can fully express our gratitude for the volunteers, we hope everyone had a great time! All of you make a difference in someone’s day!

Thank you to each and every one who volunteers, you all make a difference in someone’s day!