The Admission Process

Prior to admission, the applicant must comply with State of Indiana Pre Admission Screening Rules and must have a current chest x-ray, which indicates that the patient is free of infectious disease. The resident coming from home must have a history and physical form completed by their physician within 30 days of admission. Ripley Crossing staff will visit the applicant in order to assess his or her condition and make certain that we can appropriately address the applicant’s needs.

Prior to placement, a staff member will also meet with the applicant and/or representative to discuss fees and method of payment. The day of admission is a busy time. We therefore prefer to complete administrative aspects of the admission prior to the admission day. The applicant or his/her representative should be prepared to produce the applicant’s Social Security Card, all current health insurance cards, long term care policy (if appropriate), any document 

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which establishes legal over-sight (such as Power of Attorney, Health Care Representative, and Living Will.) We will make and retain copies of these documents. He or she should be prepared to sign the Admission Agreement, which defines the mutual responsibilities of the facility and resident. We also will discuss the applicant’s wishes regarding life-prolonging procedures (fact sheet available). The new resident will establish one primary contact, with a second contact as back up should we have difficulty reaching the first contact.

The patient or responsible person will receive a monthly bill for services rendered. The bill is a pre bill; i.e. a bill for services one month in advance. Our Office Manager is available to answer any billing questions you may have.