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Rehab Testimonials

“I am from the Rising Sun area but I have known about Ripley Crossing for many years. My son married Mr. DeVille’s oldest daughter, so when it came time to look for a place for my wife for long term care, he told us about this wonderful place. After comparing places we decided that this was the perfect place for her. Ripley Crossing is ideally located in Southeastern Indiana. Well, years have passed and the time came that I needed Rehabilitation services. I knew that this is where I wanted to be (the only place for me, in my opinion). I haven’t been disappointed with my decision to come here. I was amazed with Linda’s care and now I get to experience it first hand for myself. I couldn’t be happier with the workers and the facility. The Therapy department taught me how to swallow again. I also learned how to get my voice back; I couldn’t even talk when I got here. When it comes time that I have to go to an Assisted Living, I will be back here! That’s an “automatic fact”! I would recommend Ripley Crossing to everybody, including myself.”

– Ben Walker

Ben Walker

My care coordinator did a search on the facilities in the area and Ripley Crossing is rated the highest. We live in Versailles so it was convenient for me to come here. I’ve known about the facility for a very long time. My husband’s mom works here and I also knew that I would get good care here because I’ve had family members here on the rehabilitation wing and long term wing. I really liked the Therapy staff here. They took their time with me and I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. All of the staff is very kind and friendly. I would recommend Ripley Crossing to anyone.

– Teresa Hosmer


“I had a couple choices of where to go for my rehabilitation and I chose to come to Ripley Crossing because my daughter used to work here and she recommended it. All of the staff is really good and kind. The therapists are really good and work with you to help you meet your recovery needs. I really like that the rooms are very nice, comfortable and private. I have no complaints and I would recommend if you need a rehabilitation place to come here.”

– Lloyd Dunbar


“I am from the Aurora area and when the hospital in Cincinnati was talking about discharging me to a Rehabilitation Facility I asked them to find out if Ripley Crossing had an opening. I know a couple, the husband is in one of the dementia wings and the wife always says great things about the place and his care. I am happy that I was able to come here, all of the workers are kind. I am thankful that Charlie Miller was able to drive me to my appointments. It was more convenient for my wife to be able to just meet me at the doctor’s office. You can’t beat being at home but this is a great place”.

– Jackie Ramey


“I chose Ripley Crossing because I have friends that live here and have heard nothing but great things. I had previous therapy at another place and I was in there about 19 days with no progress. After being here for 8 days my progress in therapy is going so well that I am able to go home. I am highly impressed with the physical therapists. I have taken everything that they taught me to heart and it really means a lot to me of all the great care that I was given.”

– WS Walston


“I had the option to go to another rehabilitation facility and chose to come here. The area that the facility is located in is good because it is more central in Southeastern Indiana. Because of its location, my sister was able to come here and visit with me more.I have only heard great things about Ripley Crossing and now from personal experience I can agree and say they are all true. Everyone has taken good care of me and helped in my successful recovery. I highly recommend Ripley Crossing to anyone.”

– Charles Boyd


“I chose to come to Ripley Crossing for my therapy because I know that this is the best place and it is nice and clean. Your surrounding has a big part of how your recovery goes. I was able to go home in twelve days of being here. I am very happy with my whole experience from the quality of care, individual attention, and friendly staff.I am also thankful that the facility provides transportation to my appointments. That meant a lot because then I didn’t have to worry about my wife trying to take me. The therapist, doctors and staff work together and they know what the patient needs to get better. I am definitely leaving your facility in much better condition than I had entered. I would highly recommend Ripley Crossing to anyone.”

– Gordon Reynold Jr


“I chose to come here at Ripley Crossing for my Rehabilitation. I am very fond of it here and I know everyone here has the best interest of residents short term and long term because my wife is here long term. In my opinion this is the only place to be. All of the nursing staff is great. Also the therapy department is good, I really enjoyed Jul and Jack (the therapy dog). I recommend Ripley Crossing for any type of care that you would need.”

– Bill Kaiser