Michelle Collins, RN

I have been at Ripley Crossing for almost 4 years. I was a CNA for two years, then went to nursing school and become a nurse.
I’ve met and learned from so many great people. They have helped me grow and taught me so much in the four years at Ripley Crossing. Ripley Crossing is such a great facility because we all have a common interest when it comes right down to it, we all care about our residents and love for them to be taken care of properly!
I treat each resident as if they are family and know that I am giving them the best care they deserve. People ask me why I love being a nurse, Why I choose to be in healthcare…. well it’s not the money and it’s not because I particularly get to wear pajamas with pockets to work, but because after a long stressful day I realize that I am a very big part in making residents happy. It’s also great to hear things like “you’re a great nurse” “thank you so much for doing that” and “you’re such a nice lady”

I never would have thought I’d be where I am today. My life has change so much for the better I’m so grateful to be at a wonderful facility.

– Michelle Collins, RN