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Family Testimonials

When I first came to Ripley Crossing I was on the Rehabilitation Wing, it wasn’t too long before I was able to reside on Wing 4. Everyone is very nice here and they make sure that I am happy. Also my granddaughter works here so it is nice that I can see her a lot. I like that the wings are theme decorated for each season, it makes me feel as close to homelike as possible. Also, I have a special place out back to plant flowers and vegetables. The food is good here and they are flexible with giving you an option to choose something different if you would like. My family and I enjoy that they are allowed to bring in snacks for me to enjoy and share with fellow residents. I also appreciate Charlie. He is very good to us. He brings us coffee and hot chocolate every day. A few of my favorite activities here are Bowling, Sing along with Chris, The Harmony group and ice cream on Fridays. Overall, I am happy with the care here and activities. This is a great place to live.

– Dorothy Scott and family

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Francis is from the Sunman area and heard about Ripley Crossing years ago from friends that were residents. He stated “If you’re going to stay any place stay here! I knew I would like it but it’s even better than I thought that it would be.”

Steve (son-in-law) stated “The place is fantastic, I come in here all different days and hours and I look around and never see anything to be alarmed about. The staff is friendly and the food looks good. When I am out and about in the community I always hear positive comments and I proudly say that my father-in-law is here. Francis always stays busy with activities and games. He has met some great friends here. Francis has 5 kids and the whole family is very happy knowing that he is here.”

– The Schwab Family

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