Residents generally prefer to wear comfortable wash and wear clothing in the style and type that he or she wore at home. Please bring approximately seven changes of day clothing. Cardigan sweaters or lightweight jackets are a good idea regardless of the season, as aged people tend to chill easily. The resident will also benefit from having a brimmed hat for summer and a warm hat, gloves and coat for winter.

Many families keep seasonal clothing at home and switch the wardrobe with the season change. Please bring a bathrobe and slippers with non-skid soles and your resident’s preferred night clothing. Shoes should be non-skid. Residents who are prone to toileting accidents should have washable shoes. Velcro closure shoes are very helpful for most people. We will inventory and label the clothing upon admission. We will let you know when your resident has clothing needs as time goes on. Please take new clothing to a staff member so that we maintain the inventory and properly label clothing. Clothing is washed at Ripley Crossing, so please take into consideration type of material. If you wish, you are able to take clothing home to be washed.

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